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The Cochrane and Area Hospice Society endevours to work with a number of partners in support of our vision and mission as an organization. The partnerships and collaboration with other Hospice Groups and Alberta Health Services (AHS), and local volunteers and organizations ensure that the community have available the resources needed to provide quality support.

The Online Resource Guide provides access to key information that is kept current, with new items and contacts being added as they become available.

Please note that the Cochrane and area hospice society does not offer professional care or  information and we encourage you to follow up with your home care team, family physician or emergency care in this regard.

Contact Numbers:

COVID-19 Resources:

Working Through the Effects of Social Isolation - A Workbook for Survival 2020 (Olds & District Hospice Society)

AHPCA Self-Care Video Series

AHPCA invites you to share these videos with your clients, friends, colleagues or family who might benefit.

These short videos are a resource for people who need answers but do not have easy access to help.


Vicarious Trauma – What is it?
Vicarious Trauma – Dealing with it
Vicarious Trauma – Seek support
Compassion Fatigue – What is it?
Rituals & Grief – No rules
Personal Rituals
Self Care Moment – Colouring
Self Care Moment – Grounding

Using relaxation and stress reduction exercises are an excellent way to feel better in the moment. Many of us have anxiety and that feeling intensifies when we are in distress. Relaxing changes that response. The body and mind are closely linked; relaxing the body relaxes the mind.

Take a few minutes to escape on a mental vacation. Breathe deeply and choose a Relaxation Moment (length of video is in brackets).


Introduction to Relaxation Moments
Relaxation Moment Morning at Hauula, Oahu (1:33)
Relaxation Moment: A Stroll Along Waikiki Beach (3:45)
Relaxation Moment: Fountains of Waikiki (2:52)
Relaxation Moment: North Shore Waves on Oahu (2:26)
Relaxation Moment: Streams at Waimea Park (2:57)
Relaxation Moment: Waikiki Waves (2:50)
Relaxation Moment: Sunset at Ala Moana (10:43)

Advance Care Planning:

  • Advanced Care Planning (cont)
    • Conversations Matter
    • Greensleeve - Learn what a Greensleeve is, and why it’s important for everyone to have one.

If you wish to obtain a hardcopy of Greensleeve Goals of Care Designations you can simply select the downloadable PDF version by clicking on the image below.


Additional Library Support & Resources:

2022 Connecting DOTS - Cochrane & Area Older Adult Resource Booklet

What is Connecting D.O.T.S?

Community partners with a common goal to connect the residents of Cochrane and area with services in support of individuals living with Dementia and other related issues:

  • Education
  • Resources
  • Services

If you would like a copy of the 2022 Connecting DOTS - Cochrane & Area Older Adult Resource Booklet, you can contact us at for a paper copy or simply select the downloadable PDF version by clicking on the image below. 

A Caregiver's Guide, A Handbook About End-of-life Care

A Caregiver's Guide is a joint initiative of the Order of Saint Lazarus in Canada and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association.

A Caregiver's Guide was created to provide information for family caregivers to draw upon when preparing and caring for a loved one who has a progressive illness, especially at home. It was developed to complement resources and information provided to caregivers by healthcare professionals, including hospice palliative care teams.

A Caregiver's Guide's content builds on the knowledge, practice, insight and invaluable experiences of various seasoned hospice palliative care professionals from across Canada, incorporating their feedback and the lived experiences of supporting caregivers. This handbook provides specific information about planning ahead, preparing to be a caregiver, dealing with a progresive diagnosis, giving physical care, caring for physical problems, what to expect in the final days, and grieving.

To get the most from this guide, please feel free to read it at your own pace, consulting specific topics when you require guidance and support. Remember that if there is something you do not understand or if you need clarification, consult your healthcare team. If you intend to read the whole book at once, please understand that not all parts may, or will, apply to your particular situation. Each person is unique and may experience an illness and its progression in a different way.

If you wish to obtain a hardcopy of the Caregiver’s Guide, please contact us at Or you can simply select the downloadable PDF version by clicking on the image below.

Volunteer Driver Program - Canadian Cancer Society

  • Provided through the Canadian Cancer Society
  • For transportation to and from Tom Baker Cancer Centre for treatment
  • Must live within the Town of Cochrane
  • Client needs to register by calling 1-800-263-6750; client will need to provide cancer #
  • Client needs to book rides two full business days in advance; not including day of the call
  • Client’s appointments need to be between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm
  • There is NO COST for this service!

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